Cody Kilgore: Athlete & Coach

My Bio: Cody Kilgore

Need your bio about where you're from. Sports as a Kid/ Highschool and how you got back into Bodybuiling when you moved out here and got involved with Big Dan's

My Athletic Background

This is more athletic in depth. Who you coaches were. People your follow and what shapes your athletic background. If you and Crystal would like to include her in here, that would be great too. I guess thats up to her/ you guys.

My Record

List off all you athletic awards / shows won and placings.

Coaching Services

I can cover this part unless you know what you want to say.

My Mission

If you have a " mission to chage the world" Talk about it here.

  • 2023 NPC Phoenix Championship

    1st Place in Open Heavy Weight BodyBuilding and Bodybuilding Overall Winner.

  • 2021 NPC Empire Classic

    1st Place in both Open Heavy Weight BodyBuilding & Classic Physic D and Overall Winner in both Bodybuilding & Classic Physique.

  • Calculated Offseasons

    A calculated offseason leads to a dominant onseason. Get a hold of me for diet, supplement & training guidance.

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My Favorite Supplements

Cody Kilgore's Supplement List

Cody Kilgore's Supplement List

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