About Us

Health & Fitness has been a passion of mine since my early high school years. When I started learning about supplements, I thought it would be so cool to own my own stores so I could stock the most advanced products and help people get the results that I always wanted to get myself because the corporate retail chains never had anything that really worked.

I had a friend in the sports nutrition retail industry that owned his own store. He gave me some pointers and got me connected with some important people to go factory direct and avoid the high prices of distributors so I could be more competitive and profitable. I made some calls and I explained what my vision was and what my motivations were. Every single one of the representatives said what I wanted to do was not possible in my region and that so many others have tried and failed before me. Because they admired my passion, they all extended the deepest wholesale discounts to help me last as long as I could. It was on that day I learned that "business is personal and business is relationships."

I started with my 1st sale of protein powder to a friend in December of 2009 while purchasing inventory on a "0% interest for 18 months" credit card. I set up my detached garage next to my house like a retail store, passing out sample packets with promotional stickers attached, and in the gyms by hand, to spread the word. I built a website by hand in 2011. I open my 1st commercial retail location in Lewiston Idaho in 2013. I had opened stores in CDA and North Spokane by 2015. By 2017, Spokane Valley and Pullman locations were running full blast.
Now 2022, I have proven my company to be the 1st and only independently owned, Inland Northwest-founded supplement retailer to not only survive but thrive in the inland Northwest.

We are currently expanding further with an additional location in Airway Heights Spokane covering the growing community of Airway Heights as well as Fairchild Air Force base service member demands.